Top Box FAQ's

Who can order from Top Box?

Anyone can order, including people purchasing with EBT. Each person who buys a box helps expand the Top Box Louisiana community and is directly contributing to a building a more equitable and localized food system.

No sign up fees, enrollements or order minimums are required.

Do you only accept credit/debit?

Top Box is happy to accept credit, debit and EBT payment methods along with gift cards and discount codes. Top Box cannot accept cash or check for home delivery at this time.

How can I pay with my EBT card?

In the checkout section, simply select "EBT". This option will bypass the payment process and signal to us that you will be paying using an EBT card. On the day of delivery, we will swipe your card at the door and ask for the 4-digit pin to complete payment. If any discount is applicable to the purchase, we will subtract the total at the door.

Please note: debit and credit can be processed online at time of order and does not need to be taken at the door.

Why can't I see my Market Match or EBT Match Program discount in my cart?

In New Orleans, you can receive up to 50% off your order as a dollar-for-dollar match through Market Match. In Baton Rouge, you can a flat 50% off your order. Because of the nature of the discount, the new total will not appear in the cart, but will be applied at the door when we take payment. If you'd like to know your new order total before delivery please give us a call.

What happens if I am not home to receive a delivery?

We understand that you may not be home at the time of delivery selected at check out. If you are unable to be home please follow the text prompts on day of delivery to let us know. If no payment is required, you may have the option to have the delivery left with your expressed permission.

Please note: if you are paying with EBT and are not home to receive the delivery, we will pause the order and re-deliver on the next available delivery day. After 2 attempts at redelivery, we will cancel the order.

How often can I order?

Think of us as an online grocer! You can order as many times a week as you'd like. Most of our menu items can be delivered any day of the week based on zip code.

Crescent City Farmers Market boxes are only delivered on Tuesdays (if ordered by 5pm the Friday before) and the Growing Local Bags are only delivered on Fridays (If ordered by 5pm the night before).

Do you collect the boxes, jars and bags?

We currently do not collect boxes after delivery, however, we suggest reusing your box for compost, planter bases, crafts, or storage.

If you have a Growing Local Bag or jar, please feel free to leave these on your doorstep for us to collect and resuse.